Poetry Heals is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to healing through creative self expression. Our trained mentors facilitate workshops that guide people to explore their feelings and process difficult experiences through writing.

Our work is made possible through the generous contributions of community members like you. Please consider donating to keep our work going!

This class opened my brain up to appreciate beauty and gratitude as much as I can! Left class feeling uplifted, creative and appreciative!

What We Do

Write together!


We work in collaboration with various institutions to help students and at-risk youth, people experiencing homelessness, military veterans, people in behavioral health facilities, and more!

Support Groups

We work with non-profits and support groups that support people fleeing domestic violence, people experiencing homelessness, people in sober recovery, LGBTQ+ individuals, at-risk youth, and more!


We happily host regular open workshops and public events that are free for everyone! Or, for the do-it-yourself-er, check out our free poetry prompts and fill-in-the-blank templates to start writing from the comfort of your home!

Our Mission

Poetry Heals uses expressive writing to provide vulnerable people with evidence-based support for their ongoing healing from the effects of stress and trauma.

Our Vision

Poetry Heals improves our community’s mental health by providing expressive writing workshops and tools. The concepts emphasized include:
  • Writing poems is an affordable, portable, and accessible tool for processing trauma
  • Art for the process, not the product
  • Building skills for resilience
  • Building social capital through community and connection
  • Reducing barriers to community and individual health
  • Creating safe, empowering space for healing
  • Helping people feel seen, heard, and respected

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