Make your own tray or wall hanging

Because of COVID-19, Poetry and Pottery couldn’t meet face to face in Soda Springs Park during Summer 2020, so we are just going to do it another way!

Our theme is “We can do it, anyway.” In conjunction with the Manitou Art Center and First Friday, Poetry Heals will provide everything you need to create a clay tray with an inspiration written on it. We hope that lots of people make a tray so we can exhibit them all together.

The Logistics

Pick up your clay at the Manitou Art Center on First Friday, September 4, between 4 and 8 PM. There will be instructions attached. Poetry Heals will have a workshop open online for you to find just the right word or phrase to encourage yourself and others, to make folx laugh, or to make them think.  You can drop on anytime from 5-7 on September 4.  Mark Wong, the potter, will provide instructional videos for how to build a tray and put letters on it. The clay piece must be returned to the Manitou Art Center by September 11. Mark will fire the trays and glaze them. The pieces will be ready for display and pickup on October 2 between 5 – 7, during the October First Friday.

The Point

We hope this hands-on project with a real time writing workshop will be a satisfying and fun creative experience for you. When we exhibit your tray alongside others, we’ll prove that you aren’t alone. We might actually encourage each other. Funded by a grant from Colorado Creative Industries