Our Clients

As you can see from the wide variety among our Community Partners, the staff at Poetry Heals is glad to go where we’re needed to support vulnerable members of our community. We work with people of all ages and backgrounds, each coping with their unique burdens. The vast majority of our clients are youth who are trauma survivors and coping with serious daily challenges, such as homelessness, recovery from addiction, and other profound burdens.

Although it can be difficult to fit metrics to art, with the help of a social scientist, we collect tracking data in every workshop to measure the healing impact of our work. The data bears out what we observe face-to-face: our clients do, indeed, feel better after a session of working with our mentors.

The program on which we model ourselves, Pongo Teen Writing, has been collecting data on their client impact for 20 years. The results are powerful. While we don’t lay claim to their outcomes as our own, Pongo’s compelling observations were a primary reason we founded Poetry Heals. To learn more about the proven effectiveness of these methodologies, please click here.

And now, all statistics aside, we’d like to celebrate our clients. Even writers have to admit a picture’s worth a thousand words!

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