cactus spring 2018

Poetry Heals is turning 3 years old. I am simply humbled. Dozens of people pitched in to help create this thriving nonprofit organization. We have a board of directors and everything! So many have encouraged me, guided me and have now taken ownership of this effort to help people who are hurting to live better lives. These folks are awe-inspiring.

As are the people we work with. Veterans who are fighting to be sober, active duty airmen who are living in the stress of service; homeless people getting their feet under them with new jobs and shoes, street folks who haven’t bathed lately. Teens in recovery from addiction, LGBTQ+ teens just kicked out of their homes; tourists visiting Manitou Springs, residents in wheelchairs experiencing grief. We hear, “thank you,” “this brings me such peace,” “bless you”

We want to celebrate everyone. We are having a party on September 25, 2018 to celebrate three years of building community and helping people find their way to some peace and better decisions. Please join us.

Poetry Heals Turns 3!

Manitou Arts Center

Tuesday, September 25, 2018  5-7 PM

Refreshments, cash bar, a short program, and cake!